halloween 93


a bucket list of my own for some reason. or "bucket list" because some of these i've already done(marked with a *) but would like to do again.

-go to a supernatural convention, gold pass preferably but i'd settle for a GA and J2 photo op
-horseback riding*
-help someone pull off an elaborate wedding proposal
-beach vacation with my best friends*
-visit seattle to see katy
-grand canyon*
-throw someone a surprise party
-come out to my parents
-watch filming of one of my favorite tv shows, preferably SPN which would also get me to Vancouver
-publish my children's book
-get my hair and makeup professionally done for fun
-recreate a childhood photo with my siblings
-throw a really nice christmas party for all my friends
-spend christmas in a cabin somewhere where it snows
-go to the wizarding world of harry potter